Area 12 dressage Sunday 15th July

Area 12 Dressage Sunday July 15th at  Greylake off A39 towards Street.
We would like to send teams so, if you are interested in doing it,  Prelim or Novice please let Hilary know asap. Team entry fees are paid by  the club. We will if possible send individuals if the team places are full,  entry fees may be paid/subsidized by the club, if funds are available.
If you can’t/don’t want to be riding, please come and support your  club members and make it a social day out. There is Test riding on the wednesday before, 11th July at Stockland  Lovell so you get the chance to ride discuss your test and re ride. The cost is £18 pp and open to all members, so if you just  want to get better/more feedback let Hilary know,  half hour places  between 6 and 8 pm. Hialry needs to know which test as we will have to get  the score sheets for it