Area 12 Winter Dressage

Long awaited results have finally been posted on the Area 12web site, for the Winter dressage team competition on February 3rd at Pontispool. It’s always nice to know where you finish even if you are not placed! BK sent a team of 4, 2 doing Prelim tests were Sarah Urch on Todd and Anna James on Jimmy and 2 doing a Novice test were Bev Gore on Puzzle and Amanda Williams (ne Jarvis) on Tia. Anna was up first at 09.48 and the first challenge was the car park, not a lot of one, the chap doing the parking had his work cut out as they were not allowing anything on the grass, still too wet. Jimmy did a ok test, still a bit tense but getting better and scored a respectable 62.92 finishing 19th overall.  In the other arena Barry being an old hand took it all in his stride and produced a very respectable 61.67 for Sarah, finishing 16th overall in her arena. The novice tests were in the afternoon and we did wave to Bev and Amanda on the M5 as we passed both of them as we were going home!! In the Novice arenas Bev and Puzzle finished 9th on 68.53 and Amanda and Tia finished 11th on 68.53, they were both on identical scores, how spooky! BK finished 16th out of 28 teams so not a bad effort . A big Thank you to those who took part and flew the flag for BK