Rising Stars SJ Comp. Sunday 27th Oct. 2013

BKRC Win Rising Stars



Rising Stars Inter club Indoor Team Show-jumping Competition.

Report by Lindsey Duckett.

Firstly I would like to thank Brent Knoll Riding Club on behalf of the teams for the opportunity to compete at West Somerset’s inter club rising stars show-jumping challenge. It is fantastic that this year we had two teams one in each class representing the club. 

The day started well with Jayne Harman-wood and myself so keen that we were so early when we arrived at the Conquest centre in Taunton that there was no soul insight. In fact they were still building the course we were that early! 

Shortly after we had arrived our final team member arrived Amanda Williams with Tia Lusso who was so nervous I don’t think I’ve ever seen her so pale. Nerves were there but the early start went in our favour giving us plenty of time for the tack checks, course walking and the all important pep talk to each other all on why are we so nervous of a few jumps!

We all got ourselves organised and were surprised to find we had gained a fourth member to our team from West Somerset riding club. Unfortunately Tanisha Little’s team had withdrawn and she had no team to jump with but as we are happy to help we welcomed her with open arms and we formed a joint team. As it turns out, she was a rather good fourth team member to have with her speedy pony Storm.

Following a successful tack check we were soon into our warm up rounds, which I don’t know why we were all nervous of 55cm jumps as we all went clear and got a rosette to prove our handy work. With a little bit more confidence round 1 commenced which to our shock horror we all went clear. With only three teams clear it was all to ride for. 

Round 2 was successful with three out of the four of us went clear with some super speedy times thanks to Amanda on Tia Lusso and Jayne on Tango. Zippy and myself however had taken a turn for the worst and had not gone clear. Anyone who knows my horse Zippy will know that he is NOT a natural jumper and he is usually found doing showing and dressage to make matters worse he was not in a particularly good mood. But fortunately the best three out of the four competitor’s times count. Thanks Amanda, Jayne and Tanisha for the super fast clears!! 

However after round 2 we had found ourselves tying in 1st place and this meant we had to jump again (to Zippy’s disgust) in a short jump off. 

In a close and nail biting jump off nobody knew who had won, poles had been knocked by both teams, so both teams were called into the arena mounted for the all important results.

 Could we believe our ears BRENT KNOLL RC AND WEST SOMERSET RC WINNERS! We had won. I was in such disbelief I actually thought it was a joke until a smart shiny sash was placed over Zippy’s head.

 Considering our team had originally set out to use the day to gain confidence and to just have a go it proves that sometimes life is full of surprises. I would really like to thank my team members as they did so well in the ring and the support out of the ring. Team work was successfully achieved.

After all the excitement Brent knoll riding club class 2 team was out on parade, No pressure after watching us lot win the first class!

The team for class 2 was Ros Burridge on Zest, Bryony Allen on Toome Illustrious Gent and Kim Payne on Musical Fruits. They came prepared for their tack checks with spooky bright orange Halloween pumpkin tinsel in their horse’s manes. This part of the tack check was essential making them the best dressed of the day. 

They got straight on with their warm up rounds which seemed to help settle some of those nerves but Round 1 soon came with Ros on Zest and Bryony on Toome Illustrious Gent had lovely clears. Kim on Musical Fruits had an unfortunate 8 faults but to be honest those jumps were scary compared to our morning class and I think they were very brave to take them on.

Round 2 started well with a clear from Ros, but Bryony and Kim had a few poles downs which meant on the final placing’s they were just out of the rosettes. 

All in all it was a good day and well done to all the team members and a Big thank you to Hilary especially for the Hot chocolate! I hope that in the future other members will take part you don’t need to be a professional just have a go.