Spring Show April 6th.

Our Spring show at Stretcholt Sunday 6th April, was a big success and I would like to thank all those who helped and competed for their support of Brent Knoll Riding Club. On the day we had lots of people saying thank you and the committee have received emails from people who said what a well run, friendly show we put on and how much they enjoyed it, which is great.
The In Hand classes were generally well supported, the ponies more so than the horses, some classes being split, which made then over ran into the early afternoon. A big thank you to our judges, Sue Wilkinson (Horse)and Steve Peek (Ponies) for giving up their time to judge.
In Hand Championship results are
Pony In Hand Champion was E Lomas & Something Special, Reserve Kevin Howdle & Ridgehill Lady Luisa
Horse in hand  Champion Kevin Howdle & Cascob Golden Warrier, Reserve Steve Everett & Lucky Gypsy
The Working Hunters were well supported over a very nice flowing course and the judge, Lizzie Milton had plenty on nice horses and ponies to choose from. The Working Hunter Champion Mandy Summer & Queenie Reserve Sabrina Robley & Squiggle. BK Members Lindsey Duckett & Zipperty Do Dah, proved he can jump,as well as do dressage by coming 2nd in two classes.
The ridden pony classes started off indoors as the workers hadn’t finished outside and Judge Debbie Miller had some lovey combinations forward, some very promising little jockeys of the future. Her Champion was Lucille Bywater & Broadgrove Maydream,  Reserve Ellenor Hope & Wellesbourne Prince Charming
The ridden horse classes were well attended so much so that the championship finished at 6.35pm, so a big  thank you to the earlier competitors who waited for the Championship.  It was rather nice to see a BK member  Emma Pearce and Seymores Painted Lady take the Ridden Championship, with Reserve Champion Sarah Nichols & Spot. BK member Tara Bennett and Mendip Manor took the Racehorse to Riding Horse class.
New this year, sponsored by the Retraining of Racehorses (RoR) organisation is the Riding Club Challenge Rosette, going to the Horse registered with  RoR gaining the most points over the show. This was won by Charlotte Handley & Balliruddy  Park.
Photographs are available, although it was mistakenly put at  being at Badgworth not Stretcholt. tyncelynphotos.co.uk.