Interclub Rising Stars Show Jumping

Interclub Rising Stars Show Jumping

Report for 2nd November 2014

By Lindsey Duckett


Firstly WELL DONE to all who have represented Brent Knoll Riding Club at a team event this year and what a year we have had with our team events. Please don’t feel you are not good enough to have a go anyone can and it is a fun way to meet likeminded people and compete with other riding clubs.

Well I do like to keep myself busy these days and when the Fabulous Jayne Harman Wood approached me on the yard about the Rising Stars Team Show Jumping how could I refuse. Turns out our one and only Kimberly Payne was trying to organise a team together and I was very surprised when they thought of me. After several last minute class and rider swaps we had a team of 4 for the first class of who were Jayne Harman Wood on Dylan, Sarah Millar on Phoenix, and Carole Negus on Molly and Myself with Zippy.

The morning came with an early start plenty of butterflies were bursting from my stomach and plenty of rumbles from Zip’s. Luckily we got to Conquest EC with plenty of time to spare so we could relax NOT LIKELY. There was the unfortunate start of rain which meant we couldn’t park on the field as what was planned which meant the parking was tight. Luckily Jayne and Dylan had hitched a ride with me so thanks to Jayne with her nifty reversing moves we got parked up ok without a nightmare jack-knifed Manoeuvre.

Before I knew it, it was time to walk the course for the first round, all that gossiping made the time flyby. While Jayne, Sarah and myself nervously walked the first round we found our 4th member Carole. We all were finding it hard to remember the course as at a slight disadvantage we were the last team to Jump. But we shook off the nerves and got tacked up ready for our tack checks and were ready for action. Despite Sarah running round and had forgotten her Jacket luckily I came prepared and had two Jackets with me and lent Sarah one.

An hour later Carole was first up on Molly. Molly had other ideas and thought it was a demolition derby rather than keeping the poles up but despite this I must say good on you Carole for having a go and kept a big smile on her face throughout the day and at least as on this occasion we all know it’s not an individual competition it is a TEAM event and the best three scores count! Sarah on Phoenix was next and did a great job at keeping the poles up but that hours disadvantage of the course walk meant Sarah unluckily forgot fence 5 and had to cross her tracks to find it meaning we clocked up 4 faults. Jayne was next on Dylan and did a super clear round that left me to jump. I was nervous as Carole and Sarah were reminding me it is all down to you (Thanks Guys No Pressure) Zippy was in an ace mood and with his GP saddle fitting correctly he did a clear round. Thank goodness for that I thought!

The results bored wasn’t looking too bad after round one as most of the teams had gone clear bar two on 4 faults and one team eliminated. So going into round two it looked like we would be 5th or 6th. Shortly after round one the course walk for round two was upon us. ‘BLAST that dam green and red shark tooth plank was back to haunt me’ Zippy has not got a good track record of jumping fillers and planks for the first time. After analysing this course on where to go giving Sarah a tracking device for Jump 9 which was Jump 5 in the first round an hour and 20 minutes later Team BKRC were ready to jump their final rounds.

As the other teams jumped their second rounds the score board were being updated Team by Team. Surprisingly the other teams were having a hard time in their second rounds clocking up faults left right, and centre. The tides were changing we were tying with two other teams all we had to do was to go clear to remained tied. We didn’t know the team jumping before us had actually gone clear and were the outright winners so in our minds there was everything to play for.

Carole went in again to find herself having fun at the demolition Molly Derby well done Carole you were still smiling when you came out. Sarah was next on Phoenix and that tracking device helped as she had a quick clear round and had the biggest beaming smile I had seen. Jayne went in next with Dylan and I was surprised as I didn’t think she had actually jumped her round because as quick as she went in she was out but never the less a super quick clear round was done. Zippy and I were next and that plank was staring me in the face. The bell went ‘Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursdays’ I was thinking in my head to keep my pace correct heading to each fence. To my amazement Zippy was well up for it and all I wanted from him was a clear. Guess what, He went clear!! And not the slowest round by far!

Carole had been watching from the spectator’s gallery and came out with big hugs for all and lots of positive encouragement. I guess it went well I thought as I went to take a peek at the score board and it had 3 teams had 4 faults for 2nd, 3rd and 4th place and we were one of them it was all down to the times. Only one team had gone clear overall so they were the outright winners and congratulations to them.

We quickly sorted out our trusty yet tired steeds ready to go home and gathered in the main arena for the prize giving. I can’t remember who came 5th and 6th or or 1st for that matter (Sorry terrible memory when not paying attention) but the results were in for 2nd, 3rd and 4th 4th was PBRC 3rd was shipton and 2nd was BKRC and it turns out we were the fastest team overall. Then we had the prize for the Best Individual not part of the winning team. Congratulations to our one and only Jayne Harman Wood who won with a double clear and the fastest time of 60 seconds. Jayne was presented with a huge black and white rosette ribbon which we all were envious of but well done Jayne and the entire team as team sprite and support was high throughout. I would like to personally thank the team for making it an enjoyable day out.


Also on behalf of the teams 2014 I would like to thank the committee for all their hard work and support for putting the teams together and sending us to represent the club. Without your support there would be no teams. I think I can safely say anyone who has done a team event this year is proud to represent BKRC. Many thanks.