Area 12 Novice Winter Dressage Qualifier 2017/18

So, with the summer championships just over, its time to put entries in for the 2017/18 Winter dressage competition. This takes place at Kings Sedgemoor Equestrian Centre on Sunday 8th October.
This competition is made up of teams of four, two of which do Prelim 12 (2005) and two do Novice 28 (2008).
To compete in Prelim, horses can have unlimited prelim BD points, but 0 points at Novice and above.
To compete in the Novice, horses can have unlimited novice BD points and upto 35 Elimentary points, and 0 points for Medium and above.
There are also two warm up classes, Prelim 2 (2016) and Novice 27 (2007).
I need to submit entries by September 14th, so need to know the following:
a) Whether you want to do Prelim or Novice and your horses name
b) Whether you would be prepared to go to Lincoln in April if we qualified again (there are no winter regional championships, only the national one)
c) If you want to ride a warm up test (and which one).
Full rules and eligibility are available on the BRC website in the 2017 Handbook (these rules are good for the Winter competition series too)
As always, the club will pay half the entry fees for the teams, but you will be responsible for paying for the warm up tests. All entry fees must be submitted to the club by BACS or cheque/cash by end of September. As soon as I know who wants to be entrered, and for what, I will let you know individually how much you owe (approx £7 for team entry and £13.00 for warm up).
Please email me as soon as possible: