BRC Area 12

This is to try and explain the entering of area competitions and what is on offer for everyone throughout the year.

Most area competitions can either be entered as either a qualifier for the national championships (1st and 2nd normally qualify) or as a non qualifier where you will just be entering the area championships. All entries must go through the area 12 secretary who will also organise teams. We do not ‘select’ teams, just organise them and we will always send as many people who want to compete as teams or individuals, area competitions are just a riding club competition and are supposed to be FUN!

If a qualifying entry is made all horses must have up to date flu vaccinations and your area secretary will require a photocopy of your horses’ passport which needs to be sent off to prove this.

Qualifying entries must be in 3 clear weeks before the event.

If you wish to enter as a qualifying entry the club will pay the qualifying fee paid to head office and we ask you to contribute the entry fee required by the organisers (normally approx. £10). If you wish to enter for only the area competition the club will pay half of the fee required by the organisers.

The area 12 secretary will also send out reminders about upcoming competitions throughout the year and is available to answer any questions, but please let them know as early as possible if you might like to be involved.
Up to date information and schedules are on the area 12 website throughout the year under the events section. Organisers will often run open unaffiliated classes alongside the main riding club classes as warm ups or at a higher level.
Also to note the competition year runs from April to March and a horse may only compete at one level of competition (novice, intermediate or open) throughout the year.

Please contact Ros Burridge at the address below:

Ros Burridge
22 Worston Lane

Tel: 07876 211121

2017 Competitions

Area 12 Horse Trials are taking place at Bicton Arena on Sunday 11th June. Please can you let me know as soon as possible if you would like to represent BKRC, and which height you would like to do (80cm/90cm/100cm),